How to deal with chemicals in five steps?

Chemicals products are a very important part of our daily life. We use them to perform several tasks that may or may not be related to chemistry. What we can say, however, is that all these chemicals are similar in the sense that they all have to be dealt with and handled cautiously. If you are a start-up company, or if you are planning to start a business in which you may need to use chemical products, there are a few things you have to be aware of. 

New Chemical Storage regulations

More safeness and better protection of the environment.

An old  Spanish industry vindication  has been fulfilled at last. On Friday June the 23rd, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved by Royal Decree the Regulations for the Storage of Chemicals, and the Complementary Technical Instructions. This is an update of the regulations that will have a major impact on the industrial sector. With such a result that it is estimated to affect 90% of Spanish companies.

Emergency measures in APQ warehouse

Every facility must establish an emergency plan in order to be able to react quickly and properly if an accident was to happen. This plan has to state, depending on the type of products that are stored, the possible issues that could occur (including leaks and spills), the way they have to be tackled and handled by the personnel inside the facility or warehouse or by people from outside services.

What are Chemical packaging services?

Offering chemical packaging services is a must to every business operating in the logistics sector. In order to be able to answer all the clients’ needs, companies have to be able to provide them with all the services they need, one of them being chemical packaging.

Regulatory inspections of facilities and warehouses for chemical products

The safety inside a chemical products warehouse should always be our paramount concern. Each warehouse has to establish an inspection plan accordingly to the regulation in force. It is also important to keep a register of the inspections that have been carried out throughout the years, so that you can know where you stand as far as the inspection processes are concerned.

An APQ warehouse requirements

APQ warehouses are places in which accidents with severe consequences may occur, depending on the degree of dangerousness of the products stored. This is why it is necessary to follow several safety measures in order to avoid these risks. To establish these rules, we have to analyze the labels of the containers of the chemical products, since they have to specifically state the risks linked their use as well as the safety measures that could help us prevent accidents from happening. Moreover we should always store each type of chemical according to the risk it represents.

Frequently asked questions regarding the storage and handling of dangerous goods

In our previous articles we talked about  a few safety measures that have to be taken in order to minimize the risks linked to the storage and handling of dangerous goods. However there are a lot of other elements to take into consideration, and they are far from being less complicated. The chemical industry is subject to a lot of laws and regulations. Respecting them is thus compulsory if you want store this kind of products.

What are dangerous goods?

A few tips on the storage and handling of dangerous goods

Anyone that works in the chemical sector knows that not all dangerous goods can be stored together. Indeed, noxious reactions could occur if incompatible products were to come into contact. Throughout the years, we unfortunately witnessed a lot of chemical incidents such as explosions, gases emissions related to a poor handling of chemicals. Even though we can never be sure that the measures taken will prevent all incidents from happening, they most definitely represent a way to minimize the risks.

Why could you need a hazardous material storage building?

One has always to be cautious when it comes to stocking chemical substances. Indeed, there are some rules that have to be respected in order to avoid the risks related to the storage of hazardous materials. This is a serious matter not only from a legislative point of view, but also from a safety point of view. Indeed, it is obvious that you may be charged if you do not meet the legal requirements regarding the storage of chemicals products. But, it could also represent a potential hazard for your employees.

Storing hazardous materials

When the storage of any chemical product in a specialized plant it is performed, it is essential to follow a set of rules and precautions in order to maintain both its optimal state, and the necessary safety measures to avoid incidents of any kind. Among all the aspects taken into account for this purpose, one of these precautions consists of all the incompatibilities that may occur with the stored chemical materials.