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At Barnastock we have all the means to take care of the logistics of chemical products.

Our work covers all the needs that may arise throughout the supply chain of your product. Therefore, we take care of storing, managing and handling all types of chemical products in compliance with safety regulations.

But in addition to this, we offer packaging services, along with product handling and labelling. All this in large capacity facilities and without you having to worry about anything.

The different types of packaging

If you need a packaging service for your products, we can do it. From a quarter of a litre to 1,000 litres, we can package your products in any type of packaging you require.

What types of packaging do we do?

  • Filling from a cistern
  • Filling from a tank
  • Repackaging

To do this, we receive your tank at our facilities and within a couple of days we carry out the packaging. You choose the format and we do the rest.

In addition, if you need to change the packaging of your products to another format, we also do this repackaging.

Bulk product management

At Barnastock we take care of our customers’ bulk product management.

Simply bring the product to our facilities, we receive it and pack it according to your instructions.

Labelling service

Thanks to our equipment, we can offer a labelling service for packaging.

For this, we print the labels based on the customer’s instructions and place them on the products.

In addition to this, we palletise and prepare the load for shipment.

You can see that we can take care of the entire logistics process. And all this without having to take the goods out of our facilities.

Why should you leave packaging to Barnastock?

You may be wondering what makes us special and different from other companies.

Here are some of the characteristics that set us apart from the rest:

  • Packaging of hazardous products: there are not many companies with the facilities and equipment to package both non-hazardous and hazardous products. At Barnastock we do have this service.
  • Hazardous products: we can handle all of them as long as they are previously authorised by our safety team. Exceptions are toxic oxidisers.
  • On-site storage and handling: there are few warehouses that offer on-site storage and handling services.
  • Different types of packaging: as we have shown you before, we can package from tanks or from our own tanks. But we can also pack from IBC (packaging for bulk transport) to drums, carafes or cylinders.
  • Flexibility and personalisation: we adapt to the customer’s requirements. We take your requests into account and do our best to meet your needs.
  • Mono-dedicated lines: exclusively for tank filling.
  • Product operations: we also carry out product operations at ambient temperature.

Do these sound like good reasons to put your products in our hands?

What does our machinery consist of?

At Barnastock we have the equipment and machinery necessary to carry out the different types of packaging with the best quality and efficiently.

Thus, our packaging machinery consists of:

  • An automatic filling machine for IBCs and drums.
  • 2 semi-automatic packaging machines with mass counters for cylinders (counters that measure the flow of fluid).
  • 1 recently acquired automatic packaging machine for small-format containers.
  • 1 automatic filling machine for 5-litre containers.

All with the latest technology available, to ensure efficiency and safety at the lowest possible cost.

Barnastock: safety and top quality

Barnastock is a company specialized in the logistics of chemical products. 

Specifically, we are part of Grup Barcelonesa, a company specialized in the storage and handling of hazardous chemical products.

At Barnastock we not only have storage and packaging facilities, but also a quality laboratory and fully qualified staff.

That is why our workers are specialized in all the processes that take place within our centre: they carry out the inspection and control of the products, guarantee traceability and ensure that the processes are carried out correctly and safely.

Personalized service for your chemical company

Remember that we always do our best to adapt to your requests.

If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to request them and we will study the possibility of incorporating them. To give you an idea, the thermosealing of caps, for example, was a process that we started to carry out in response to the needs of one of our customers.

So tell us what you need and we’ll be happy to help.

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