A new chapter begins in the history of Barnastock!


At Barnastock we love to evolve. Not only in terms of our logistics processes, but also in everything that involves a better relationship with our customers.

That’s why we are very happy to be launching our new website.

As you will have seen if you have ever visited us before, there are many changes compared to the old version.

In this article we explain the main new features and how the new website is structured.

So you will be able to browse it with total comfort to find exactly what you are looking for.

We hope you like it as much as we do!

What’s new on our new website

In the new portal we have included several new features, which we believe will be very useful to our visitors.

These are the most important new features:

  • Virtual tour: Now you can get to know our facilities through this interactive 360º tour: from the offices to the industrial warehouses and the loading and unloading area. We want you to get an idea of the environment in which we manage the logistics of many companies every day. Also, on this tour you will discover why our customers say that we offer a service ‘from another galaxy’ (click here to see what we mean).
  • Filterable photo gallery: If you prefer to get to know our venue in a more traditional way, you also have at your disposal a detailed photo gallery. Here you can filter the images according to the area you want to see: the Life Science warehouse, the industrial warehouse, the tank farm, the packaging area or the quality control laboratory.
  • Video of the packaging area: In this footage you will see for yourself how we package chemicals at Barnastock. State-of-the-art machinery and our qualified staff work together to make this operation safe and efficient.
  • Frequently asked questions: Over the years we have received many questions from our customers and users interested in our services. In this section we have collected the most common doubts so that you can solve them easily and without having to do any kind of management. Although, of course, we will still be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Sections of the website: find everything you need

Now you know the main new features included in the new corporate website.

But in addition to these additions, we have also restructured the architecture of the website and enriched all the contents.

The result is a more useful, complete and user-friendly website for our visitors.

Specifically, these are all the sections that you can access from the main navigation menu:

About us

Did you know that Barnastock is part of Grup Barcelonesa, a group dedicated to the chemical industry with more than 75 years of history?

This is one of the facts that we tell you in this section with information about our company.

In addition, with the help of a very visual timeline you will discover the most important milestones that have occurred throughout our history.

From when we started operating in small premises in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda to what we are today: one of the leading national companies in the storage and handling of hazardous chemical products.


In this section we have made some of the most substantial changes.

Here we offer you the following information:

  • Types of products that we store: we can accommodate numerous categories of goods: hazardous products, animal feed, human food, pesticides, phytosanitary products and unclassified products.
  • Certifications: from here you can consult and download in PDF all the certifications we have to be able to store the aforementioned products. In addition to the different APQ permits (Storage of Chemical Products), we comply with the SEVESO III serious accident regulations. We are currently one of the few logistics operators that comply with this directive.

Safety system: At Barnastock we take safety very seriously. That is why we comply with the American fire safety standard, which is more rigorous and restrictive than the European standard. So you can entrust us with your goods with complete peace of mind


On accessing this page you will see the three types of packaging we can carry out:

  • Packaging from tank.
  • Packaging from tank.
  • Repackaging.

Here you will also find the new video on packaging that we have prepared, which we told you about above.

AEO/Customs Precinct

If you import or export chemical products, you will find useful information here.

We are an Authorised Economic Operator, which means that the Tax Agency considers us a trusted operator for customs operations.

You can also consult the customs figures available to us.

In addition, at Barnastock we provide customs and tax exemption until the goods deposited at our facilities are used.

Personalised services

Finally, in this section we explain how we can adapt to offer you other services required by your company.

Some examples are:

  • Customer service centre.
  • Quality measurement.
  • Transport management.

All you have to do is contact us and tell us what your needs are, we will be happy to study your case!

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