We store your chemical products.

At Barnastock, we have facilities measuring 42,000 m2 and are leaders in the storage of dangerous chemicals.

We have space for 30,000 pallets and 24 tanks with a total capacity of 1,600 m³ for storing bulk products. You can store with us practically all sorts of chemical products with the highest levels of safety and the guarantee of compliance with current regulations.

In addition, we have our own quality control laboratory which ensures that all goods enter and leave in optimal conditions.

What products do we store?

We have all the permits and certifications to store all of the following product types:

Hazardous products

Flammable, corrosive, toxic, organic peroxides, combustible, and environmental.

Animal feed

Manufacture of premixes and distribution of raw materials and additives of animal origin (SANDACH).

Human food

Storage of food additives: (RSIPAC).

Pesticide products

Storage of pesticides: including biocides (ROESP).

Phytosanitary products

Storage of phytosanitary crop protection products (ROPCAT).

Unclassified products

Storage of unclassified products (conventional).

Why outsource chemical logistics?

The storage, handling, and management of dangerous chemical products requires compliance with strict regulations regarding safety and certifications. In addition, facilities must comply with all the safety regulations related to the storage of chemical products and must have duly qualified staff.

Therefore, outsourcing the storage and logistics of your chemical products presents itself as an interesting alternative for any business, in addition to representing significant savings in the initial investment if you want to establish your own warehouse.

Working with us will reduce risks and concerns given that we are one of the few logistics operators that comply with the SEVESO III directive. We also have all the necessary permits for storing all of the following types of dangerous chemical products.



Storage of flammable and combustible liquids.



Storage of corrosive liquids.



Storage of toxic liquids.



Storage of organic peroxides.


Storage of products classified as combustible.


Storage of products that are harmful to the environment.


We comply with the directive dealing with major accidents: SEVESO III.

We also have the SQAS certification: quality, safety and environment.

ISO-9001 (1)

ISO 9001 Certificate - Quality


ISO 14001 Certificate - Environment

Global quality and feed safety management system for the sector of specialty feed ingredients

Storage under a warehousing regime:

We are accredited as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and can manage the transit of your chemical products in terms of both import and export within and without the EU.

What’s more, we offer the option of storing your goods in a customs warehouse regime so that you only pay tariffs at the moment of use.

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