Storage, handling and distribution of chemical products

Our management capacity and in-depth knowledge of the sector makes us the optimal logistics department for your company. Barnastock's whole activity is geared towards facilitating and improving your business. We are your logistics, we know how to do it.


Total surface area of 28,000 m²

- One 1400-m² warehouse adapted for inflammable and corrosive products.
- One 1400-m² warehouse prepared for highly toxic, toxic and phytosanitary products.
- One 6,500-m² warehouse divided into 3 sectors with RF240 separation walls for inflammable and combustible products.


Total capacity of 1,600 m³ for inflammable products:

- Fourteen 75-m³ tanks made of A-410-B steel.
- Four 40-m³ tanks made of A-410-B steel.
- Two 40-m³ tanks made of stainless steel.
- Four 75-m³ tanks made of stainless steel.

  All the chemical product logistics services

Barnastock. We are your logistics

We provide solutions and many operational advantages in all your logistics operations.

A highly-specialised team and modern, innovative facilities with cutting-edge technologies and the most advanced prevention measures allow us to offer both suppliers and clients the highest guaranteed levels of safety.

A specialised service that provides you with all the storage, handling, packaging and chemical product transport solutions with minimum risk and maximum competitiveness in the sector.

We help you from the very beginning. A technician/advisor will manage and report all your operations to the appointed manager. A personalised approach that will bring success to your projects.

Global supply

Our technology is also at your service

We provide you with our powerful communication system that will enable you to integrate (plug&play) your logistics management system into our control and management application.

Conduct your operations when and where you need.


Bonded warehouse. Your imported goods are free of tariffs until they are used.

Call center. We take care of your needs and those of your customers. We always respond.

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