Barnastock is your specialised chemical product storage and management supplier. Our services in this sector cover all the options you need to achieve the best possible business results.
Our work formula, based on our involvement in the client's project and quality of service, has made us a leader in the chemical product logistics sector.

Strategically located

Barnastock's facilities are located 15 km away from Barcelona. An ideal location in the largest logistics centre in the south of Europe with multimodal transport. A strategic advantage for doing business in Europe and North Africa.

Effective integrated service

We manage our huge chemical product storage capacity with the utmost efficiency. We deliver a proven percentage of reliability and customised services, such as packaging, handling and labelling, always fulfilling delivery deadlines.

Operational integration and reliability

Our efficient communication system will allow you to manage your operations 24/7.
We also keep you permanently updated on your process.

A profitable service

Our goal is to be a productive and profitable area of your business. In order to accomplish this, we have a large and highly-experienced team capable of transforming chemical product logistics into an operational advantage for our clients.

Chemistry is our forte

Barnastock, with its specialised chemical product warehouse, and BDtrans, the ADR transport company, are part of Grup Barcelonesa. A group which, for more than 70 years now, has been offering logistics solutions for chemical products to all the industrial centres in Spain and/or from Spain. Chemistry in motion, with a powerful organisation at your service.

Safety and peace of mind

We store your products with the highest level of security, fulfilling the strictest legal standards governing facilities of this type. Your products, in the best hands.
24-hour Surveillance > fire-fighting system UNE 23007, 23500, 23590/95 > ceprevenNFPA13 and NFPA-11A > Pumping group with water reserve > Automatic roof-embedded sprinklers and intermediate sprinklers on the shelf rack > high-expansion foam flooding system.
ISO Quality Certificate + ITC-MIE-APQ-1 / ITC-MIE-APQ-6 / ITC-MIE-APQ-7 / ITC-MIE-APQ-9