Our mission is to give an all-round logistics solution to our clients, bringing benefits at any point in the supply chain. To achieve this, we have a team of committed professionals, who are prepared and have the necessary resources to exceed the expectations of our clients.
The objective is to obtain sustainable profits for long-term projects.

The commitment of the Management is absolute in matters of quality, environment, Safety and health, as reflected in our Corporate Management Policy


To be the leading logistics operator in the chemicals sector, delivering global solutions.

Contributing Real Value
Valor real

Having the analytical ability to develop and proactively seek solutions which bring the greatest possible benefit to all our stakeholders with the greatest possible efficiency.

Entrepeneurial Spirit
espiritu emprendedor

Always keeping our eyes open for opportunities for improvement in each area of the company. Assuming controlled risks, keeping a clear focus on the challenges that may strengthen the position of the business and of the human team.

Professional Development
Desarrollo profesional

Being excited about learning, improving, growing and investing in our career in Barcelonesa, adapting to change and promoting a good working environment that allows us to enjoy what we do.

Common Objective
proyecto comun

Prioritising the overall objective over those of individuals and providing the team with our support, based on fluid and honest communication that enables trust, coordination and mutual understanding.


We are upstanding and honest in our actions, we reprimand any conduct that does not comply with our values and we set an example by recognising individuals and their work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With our business model, we demonstrate a work ethic that is orientated towards sustainability for the planet, society, individuals and the environment.