Barnastock, Operador Logístico de Productos Químicos, was founded in 1982 to serve the Chemical Industry. It started out in a small premises in the Urvasa industrial estate in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda and relocated to its current facility in 1987. From the outset, we have positioned ourselves as a warehouse specialising in classified products, adapting to the regulations at all times, which has also involved a major investment.

Camion BDtrans

Ever since it was founded, our company has been totally committed to becoming a reference point in the specialised logistics of chemical products. To achieve this goal, Barnatransfer, a haulage agency engaged in the transport of ADR goods, was created at the same time.

In 2004, Barcelonesa de Drogas y Productos Químicos took over the Barnastock and Barnatransfer companies.

And then in 2005, ADR. This gave rise to a conglomerate of companies that has positively leveraged the synergies and know-how of the entire team of professionals of both companies and of Barcelonesa Drogas.

A comprehensive chemical logistics operator was thus born, with the chemical goods distribution parent company and Barnastock and BD Trans providing the necessary logistics support to deliver comprehensive solutions with good chemistry.

By belonging to Grup Barcelonesa, Barnastock has access to the human, financial and logistics resources of a major company, giving it a firm market position while also, as it is a family concern, it can offer a friendly, personalised approach.